What do you think is the most important factor in securing a job in 2022?

The Covid-19 pandemic has left millions of people jobless. There are multiple LinkedIn posts where people are demanding jobs and expressing their dire state. In such a situation it is your skills that matter the most. Now is the time to upgrade yourself and polish your professional skill set. We aren’t simply stopping at the hard skills; it is the interpersonal aspect as well.

A few companies are still functioning with the hybrid work model and looking for people who display qualities such as adaptability and leadership. So, what differentiates a good candidate from an average one in the current scenario?

Let’s have a look at what employers are expecting in job applicants in 2022.



Employers are looking for people who they can bank on, especially in times of difficult projects or new endeavours. It’s the ability to adapt, be a team player, and lead colleagues in the direction of company goals that matters the most. Integrity is also a quality that employers look for in potential candidates, confidentiality and loyalty to your organization is extremely important.

Taking initiative in new projects, meeting your deadlines, and communicating promptly are all hallmarks of professionalism that employers seek in job applicants.


Along with your verbal and vocal communication skills, your interpersonal interactions are judged as well. Clearly disseminating your thoughts in a hybrid model of work is crucial to getting work done and since we just seem to be emerging from the pandemic, empathy is a huge need of the hour. Understanding your co-workers and backing up each other especially when there is a race against time, in terms of work, is all seen as a huge plus point.



Employers today, want result-oriented people who know to come up with solutions on the spot, to all sorts of problems. The art of resolving conflicts with ease is what companies keep an eye on and such individuals are highly valued in organisations. While giving an interview, you can narrate how you used creative and critical thinking to solve a particular problem in the past. This could include helping your creative team with a difficult client or solving a technical issue. Also describe what the outcome of the situation was, this will ensure the brownie points for you.

These were the key skills, now let us look at some other capabilities that are needed in the workplace:


Being organized digitally and managing all your work documents is also an extremely important characteristic of an employee, that is much sought after.


You should be a team player to fit into an organisation. To be able to achieve common goals and objectives you must be able to get along with others.


Quick decision-making is the ability to take into account all the factors of a situation and swiftly come to an action-oriented, conclusion. It is one of the greatest qualities of a leader and rare to find, hence considered priceless at work.


It has been discussed for long and has been given its due only now, that emotional intelligence is a non-negotiable trait for the work environment. It has major long-term benefits – both personal and professional. Displaying the ability to notice emotional and behavioural cues in people and responding appropriately is a phenomenal add-on to your personality and something that will serve you in the long run. 


The difference between an average and an excellent worker is the attitude. The ability to learn and take things in your stride with a positive outlook is what employers look out for. Not every day is the same at work and it’s important to count the positives on a regular basis. It is how you see a situation at work, that will determine your motivation and job retention levels. A high personal work ethic and an optimistic approach to everything will decide the course of your professional journey. Using situations as opportunities to learn and imbibe important things such as technical nuances or unwritten rules of the workplace go a long way, in your career.


To summarize, if the pandemic has taught us one thing it is – continuous improvement. Being in the pursuit of bettering ourselves is the best way to ensure a long and glorious career. You have to constantly reinvent and rediscover your ways of working and achieving goals. Keep upgrading and improving your skills every single day and achievements and success will follow.  After all, that is the central message of Kaizen, the famous Japanese philosophy of small and incremental improvements.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog, as much as we did while writing it.

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