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“Hire an attitude, along with experience and qualification”

  • Greg Savage

Very profound words. First, let’s talk about the subtle difference between what most people get wrong -recruitment and selection before we get to hiring.

Recruitment is the first stage in the process of hiring. It involves creating a job ad and making a list of potential candidates from the people who have applied. Selection is when you screen, hire and offer a job to a candidate. This blog is entirely about how you can speed up the hiring process.

Here are some ways you can make the hiring process faster:

  1. Create better job postings:

Write job descriptions and ads in a better way. It should sound exciting, attractive honest and conversational. Make realistic promises and let the applicant feel that your organisation is worth giving a try! Also, remember to post these ads on the most popular, visible and credible websites.

  1. The application process should be simple, quick and easy:

Use mobile-friendly apps to upload job application forms, so that it does not waste an applicant’s time. It should not take more than 10 mins to fill one, as a very long process can put off applicants.

  1. Source candidates in a better way:

Use the power of professional networks like LinkedIn and social media to scan profiles and find suitable candidates. Check past databases to check for candidates with potential that you have overlooked.

  1. Come up with new ways to evaluate candidates:

Quick video interviews are great for evaluating potential at the start so that you can reach your ideal candidate faster.

  1. Engage actively:

Proactive communication with candidates makes the screening process faster. Engage with your employees through friendly emails and keep them informed about their application status.

On a parting note, we would like to say that hiring is not easy, but decisions can be taken faster if certain procedures are carried out in a structured and smart way. We reiterate, that creating exciting job offers, having simple processes, utilizing social media effectively, and coming up with new ways of evaluating a candidate goes a long way, in streamlining and expediting the hiring process.

Another point that we would like to put out is what our quote talks about. Hiring is not just about the hard skills, it’s about the right attitude. A positive attitude matters more than anything else. It is not secondary to hard skills, but a strongly required attribute, often overlooked. A candidate with a positive attitude will be willing to learn and adjust to the demands of the situation. Hence, we highly recommend hiring people with not just the right qualifications but also an optimistic outlook and professionalism. Ensure that your onboarding process is good, allow the candidate time to settle in the company culture and you’re all set to welcome your ideal candidate!

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