“Financial Resources are the lifeline of a company, but human resources are the brains”


A human resource manager is tasked with the toughest responsibility in the organization – handling its people. It’s not an easy job to handle multiple mindsets and thought processes.


Empathy and Emotional Intelligence are the biggest assets of an HR manager. It is important to put yourself in the shoes of your employees and reflect. You have to be truly unbiased and objective, yet caring towards your workforce. You’ve got to care for their overall well-being.


An understanding environment is where productivity thrives. Every individual is different and some people may require a lot of handholding, during their career graph. Not every employee, is a team player and at times may have to be counselled to take on that role. You must note, that solution is the name of the game. If things aren’t working out for people, they need specific solutions to enhance their work efficiency and happiness quotient, in the office. It could be a change of role or department, but the problem at hand should be solved.


There has to be structure to everything, for that is what streamlines individuals and organizations. Your workforce needs your support when it comes to constructive criticism and feedback. It has to be done in a neutral way, such that the employee is accepting of the organization’s response to his/her work. 


Continuous improvement or Kaizen is the need of the hour. Impartial monthly evaluations of employees’ work can contribute hugely to the progress of an organization.  Audits bring out a lot of details that can be updated and reorganized and further strategies of work can be planned out. Your workforce’s strengths and areas of improvement can be recognized. While the areas of improvement can be corrected, the strengths can be leveraged for the organization’s betterment.


Training and Development should be a regular part of an employee’s life and it need not be too serious. Training and Development should be holistic, fun, and can be on core competencies as well as soft skills. It must keep in mind the industry that the organization works in and train employees as per the needs and demands of the particular field.


The Covid -19 Pandemic has shaken the world forever and the biggest turn of events is the work from home phenomenon. The work of a human resource manager becomes even tougher and more complex here. Right from tracking work stages to keeping employees motivated it is important to note here, that an HR manager has to function with higher empathetic levels due to the multiple roles employees play at home. With most citizens indoors, families have to function together and this is where an HR has to keep in mind numerous considerations.

Compassion and discipline both are important for an employee’s life. The HR manager has to strike the fine balance of being considerate as well as seeing to it that the performance is delivered. Employees on their part have to be honest with their work and routines helping the organization advance even in a life-changing health pandemic.

Motivation is another huge dimension of work.  Employees have to draw on internal motivation while the organization has to take care of the external recognition that an employee duly deserves. Human beings live for positive strokes and it is vital that organizations take care of incentives and rewards for good performance. Initiatives like “Employee of the Month” and appreciation for relentless hard work are things that go a long way in driving an employee to do better.

Success is a two-way street and thus, organizations and employees have to work together to touch new horizons and cross greater milestones.