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“Networking is about cultivating relationships”

-Ivan Misner

Networking is more about planting relationships than hunting contacts. Do you struggle to network on LinkedIn? Well take a look at this exciting blog and read on to know why it matters!


Networking today is simpler due to LinkedIn. Recruiters and recruits are all present on LinkedIn and they are connected via an ecosystem of regularly shared content. Through this platform, you can reach recruiters directly and professionally.

Tips to network effectively on LinkedIn:

The first few steps:

  1. Make a strong LinkedIn profile with a short, crisp and impactful bio.
  2. Proofread it and keep it professional.
  3. Express different interests and aspects of yours apart from your current job.
  4. When creating your own content, use keywords to make it look rich and effective.
Recruiter networking

Form connections:

Instead of going through the regular process of sending your resumes, form connections directly.

  1. Research the company and its work culture.
  2. Write a personalized message and short write-up of why you are connecting.
  3. Talk about common connections or references if any.


Maintain connections:

  1. Follow through with your connections
  2. Keep engaging with people on LinkedIn. Be visible.
  3. Keep updating your profile.

 Some additional tips:

  1. Complete your profile, a lot of professionals don’t! Provide details under every section if possible, so that it looks comprehensive.
  2. Share information related to your industry and other industries as well. It displays a multifaceted aspect of yours.
  3. Show interest in the updates of the company and its latest achievements.
  4. Refer other people to recruiters, it builds goodwill.



LinkedIn is a highly trustworthy platform with professional people involved. You must always ensure that you put decent, relevant and useful content out there for people to relate to. While connecting with recruiters make sure you are polite, courteous and considerate. Do not spam them with a million messages. Try seeing other people’s profiles and see how they have written their bio. Review it before you post. Be authentic with whatever you write and post and try to appreciate other people’s achievements and presence on LinkedIn. Make sure you cash in on the comments section – this is a great way to give your opinion and establish your presence. You end up making yourself visible.

While researching a company’s profile, see the reasons for its origin and existence and read about its journey. It will be an interesting process and a good conversation starter with the recruiter.

When you are connecting with the recruiter for the first time, be friendly and professional, but never act familiar. This is your first impression, so make the best of it!

Last but never least, always keep it positive on social media. The content you write or share shows your personality and that puts your professional life at stake too. So, ensure you come across as intelligent, wise, sensible and a sensitive professional on Linkedin.

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