“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to!”

-Sir Richard Branson

The Covid -19 pandemic has changed the world forever and it will continue to bring changes that will surprise us.  As employers, you will have to adapt to many trends especially when it comes to hiring and recruitment. Work from home became the ‘new normal’ and it is important to note how significantly it has affected the careers of millions of people around the world to the point of layoffs and companies struggling to grasp the new situation in the midst of the pandemic. 

Here are some new forms of hiring and recruitment trends to watch out for in 2022:

  1. Remote Hiring

Hiring people over zoom today has taken a whole new meaning altogether. When looking at candidates without geographical barriers, your mental barriers as an employer also open up. This new phenomenon will give rise to diversity not just in race or gender but also in terms of skill set and thought processes. The greater the diversity, the larger the talent pool in an organization.

  1. Retention efforts by companies

Companies will have to rethink their Human Resources policy on a deeper level. Retaining employees is a hard task especially in times of fierce competition from other organizations. Flexible and considerate work hours and policies will become the new point of discussion. Also investing and preserving your best employees will be one of your major agendas, as an employer in 2022.

  1. Hiring of passive candidates

Passive Candidates are those individuals who are not actively seeking a job. It is this market that you can capture as an employer and make the most of. You as an employer will have to reach them through professional networks like LinkedIn, understand their requirements and build a rapport with them. It’s a good idea to go through their skill sets and pitch the job to them accordingly.

  1. Selective Candidates

The Covid -19 pandemic has made people reflect very deeply and seriously about their career and life choices. A lot of people have had to shift to newer professions, which has made the market rethink the job positions it is offering. It is very important that companies reinvent themselves and make their job roles and offers far more appealing and exciting!

The worldwide pandemic has been all about rediscovering and altering ourselves in the middle of an absolutely devastating and tragic adversity. It has affected businesses worldwide and if viewed positively you can convert it into an opportunity to make your company more employee-centric and ensure that their productivity and motivation levels remain the same even in this new normal.

Leadership skills are of utmost importance in this hour. As a business owner or company head, it is how you take the company forward from here, that will be the greatest test of your attitude, endurance and patience.

While recruiting and interviewing candidates, you will have to come up with original questions which unearth the depth of the possible potential in the candidate. Written tests and assignments will have to be on the same lines in terms of knowing how adept the candidate is with the concerned subject.

Interpersonal skills do not take a backseat when it comes to the work from home mode. HR Managers will have to ensure that candidates are cordial and good communicators as the new work mode will require a lot of coordination on the phone and virtual mediums.


The current situation will demand a lot of reskilling and upskilling of employees. As far as reskilling is concerned, employees will have to develop new qualities for their new roles and upskill to the level of taking up new responsibilities in their current role. Your employees will have to get the hang of new technologies and become well-versed with them.

It will be hugely rewarding to train employees to deal with personal and professional stress since both dimensions have got blurred to a large extent due to the pandemic. As an HR your role will have to rise to that of a leader and counsellor in this uncertain period.


Hiring and Recruitment today will have far greater scope and spectrum than ever before. CEOs and Honchos will be looking out for greater and wider skill sets ranging from technical to non-technical along with soft skills.

It’s important to note that as an employer it will require a lot of analysis and thinking on your part, to get a hold of the current and future situation. You may have to brief your company on new rules and protocols regarding the new mode of work and method of communication.

As an HR it’s important that you consider break periods in the work schedule of the employees. It is very important to let them unwind and come back recharged to work. To operate from a point of compassion and balance it with work ethics is the call of the hour.

Work audits will have to be carried out in a more considerate way, with employees performing multiple professional and personal roles at the same time.

To sum it up apart from trends in hiring and recruitment, the company heads and CEOs will have to restructure business models in terms of leadership and communication frameworks.

The pandemic has taught us to reflect on a lot of things, on a personal and professional level. Multiple aspects of our lives have been impacted and it is essential to keep that in mind when dealing with people. Company Heads and HR Managers have to be leaders who must rise to the occasion and take charge of the situation.

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace,” Doug Conant.  Human Resources is all about people and you must look after the people that make up your workforce. As the saying goes, “HR is the work of compassion”.